Chile presents its dry and dehydrated fruit and nut (Certified by export products at Gulfood 2015


A delegation of 20 businesses will represent the sector at the most important Middle Eastern food fair. Furthermore, six businesses with Halal certification will display some of their products.

– The sectorial Brand Walnuts from Chile will be promoting and making tasting of this product.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Chile enjoys important credentials at a worldwide level in the sector of dried and dehydrated fruit and nuts. For example, it is the primary exporter of dehydrated apples, the secondary global exporter of unshelled walnuts, the second largest exporter of hazelnuts, and third in international sales of raisins. Also, Chile is the sixth biggest producer of unshelled walnuts and the second biggest producer of dehydrated plums.

It is these rankings that have enabled Chile to proudly present their products at the most important Middle Eastern food fair, Gulfood 2015. This year, Chile will be present with a delegation of 20 exporting businesses from the dried and dehydrated fruit and nut sector, at stand G3-29 in the Dubai World Trade Centre, between the 8th and 12th of February, 2015.

Chile, a country located in South America, has geographical conditions that allow it to produce high quality dried and dehydrated fruits and nuts; for example, a great climate, with generally dry autumns that are appropriate for harvest, and flat terrain that allows for mechanizing part of the production process and facilitates the use of controlled irrigation mechanisms in the fields. At the same time, the sector faces comparatively minor phytosanitary problems due to the geographical features of the country. The Chilean dried fruit and nuts, furthermore, have superior organoleptic properties that allow the products to reach the high quality niche markets.

In general terms, in 2013, the Chilean food exportations to the UAE reached US$ 87 million, growing 63% in comparison to the previous year. Between January and October of 2014, these exportations reached US$ 61 million. Among the principal food products exported by Chile to the UAE stand out; unshelled walnuts, fresh fruit such as apples, grapes, pears, berries and kiwis, salmon, and trout.

During 2013, Chile exported to the world, US$723.7 million in dried and dehydrated fruit and nuts, of which US$ 11.5 millionwas sent to the UAE. Between January and October of 2014, these shipments reached US&16.4 million, growing 54% in respect to the same period in 2013, and representing only 2.3% of all global exports from Chile.

“The Chilean products meet high international standards. The commercial figures between Chile and UAE tell us that there is interest in our products, but there is still room for us to grow. This relates to our reason in participating again in this fair; so that more consumers learn about our country and its excellent products”, says Lorena Gallo, Chilean commercial assistant in Dubai.

Furthermore, in the Chilean pavilion, the sectorial brand Walnuts from Chile will have a booth to promote this product in this important international fair. In that space, the attendees will learn more about the Chilean walnuts, and about the sectorial work between the government and the producer for to promote the walnuts in the international markets and tasting the Chilean walnuts.

World’s offer grows at 6% annual rate. The main producers are China and the US. China consumes 100% of its production and also it imports; and the US consumes around 50% of its own production. Chile occupies the sixth position in terms of production with 42.500 tons. However, it is gaining importance as an exporter, occupying the 2nd place for pealed nuts export.

It is expected for Chilean nuts to duplicate over the next five years and for exports to reach US$ 500 million.

Good weather, dry fall that ease harvest, plain terrain that allows mechanizing production, good soil and the chance to produce out of station are some of the advantages that have led our country to become one of the major nut producers worldwide. In fact,Chile is the main producer in the southern hemisphere and second worldwide for.

Likewise, the sector faces less phyto-sanitary problems due to the geographical features of the country. Chilean dry fruits also have superior organoleptic characteristics that allow reaching high level markets.

Nowadays, dry fruits are ranked as healthy products and therefore its consumption has increased. The potential market is huge.


In this occasion, six Chilean businesses will present their Halal products, among which one can find; energy drinks, fruit juice, bottled rain water, extra virgin olive oil, functional foods from Chilean berries such as maqui and murta, Omega 3 for human or animal consumption, chocolates and other gourmet foods, as well as Merkén (smoked Chilean aji) and other condiments – all processed and produced under Halal certification.

Chile has extensive experience with the Halal market, with certified businesses existing from the 70’s. This certification arose to help exporting businesses enter countries with Muslim populations, keeping in mind the commercial openings of the countries. Today, Chile has 24 trade agreements with 62 markets (or commercial partners), that represent 63.3% of the global population and 85.3% of the global GDP.

Today almost 50 certified businesses exist in the country, the majority of which pertain to the agro industrial, sea products and aquaculture sectors. The participation of businesses from the livestock sector, with meat and lactose products, can also be noted. There also exists the potential to incorporate businesses from sectors such as cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical, and include services such as tourism.

“Practically all of the national Halal certified businesses are exporting, or are looking towards exporting shortly to markets with Muslim populations. Some of these businesses have exported to countries with majority Muslim population in the North of Africa(Morocco, Egypt), Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan), Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia) as well as for the consumption of minority populations in Europe and the United States. It is estimated that in 2013, they exported close to US$ 11 million“, explains Lorena Galla, Chilean commercial assistant in Dubai.

In the fair Gulfood 2015, the Chilean businesses will try to make known their products through tastings and business meetings. Review here the catalogue of Chilean business that will be present at the fair,




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